Region: Aiyura, Kianantu, Eastern Highlands

Elevation: 1700 - 1850 masl

Tasting Notes: Black tea, brown sugar, nectarine, & lactic

FILTER & DRIP: 1:17 Ratio - 15g per 250ml (1 cup)


Ben Colbran moved from New Zealand to Papua New Guinea in the 1960s when the government encouraged foreign agriculturalists to cultivate the land throughout the highlands. He founded Baroida Estate and was one of the first farmers to grow coffee in the valleys of the Kianantu District. Today, Ben's son, Nicol, manages the estate. Baroida gets its name from the spirit, believed by the locals, to live in a large rock that sits in one of the main rivers. The rock is famous for having never budged despite the severe floods that sometimes afflict the area. This lot was pulped and dry fermented for 36 hours before being washed and sundried, creating a bright and clean coffee. 


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