Feeling mellow? Does a warm hug and a cozy blanket sound fantastic? If the answer is yes, then you’re feeling Mild.


Receive 200g - 250g of the best Proud Mary coffee  dispatched weekly.

Charged in line with you subscription via pay pal or stripe.



  • What's the bag size? Nearly always 250g, sometimes we'll treat you to 200g of deluxe
  • How many cups is that? About 16 cups of filter for a 250g bag
  • Shipping date? Every Wednesday
  • Is there a minimum subscription? Nope
  • How do I cancel? Email us hello@annamay.sg


If there are any other queries in relation to coffee, brewing or delivery services please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@annamay.sg.

Mild Single Origin Filter Subscription

PriceFrom $26.10
Price Options
MILD Weekly
Weekly Subscription Save 10%
$26.10weekly/ auto-renew
MILD Monthly
Monthly Subscription Save 5%
$27.55monthly/ auto-renew